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Technical Support

We aim is to provide the highest level of service and support at the shortest possible of time

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Annual Maintenance 

We offer a wide range of Annual maintenance contracts, service contract options to maintain your UPS, Inverters, Servo Stabilizers and Batteries.

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Battery Replacement

We provide full battery replacement solutions for all UPS products regardless of the manufacturer with prompt co-ordination between UPS Supplier and customer.

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Preventive Check-up

We are capable to provide a detailed Health Check of your UPS and Batteries, Depending upon PM visit result, Suitable analysis report will be submitted for remedial action.

Sim Power Controls offers a wide range of services including site assessment surveys, a full installation service, Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC), Rental services, battery replacements and health checks for UPS, Inverters, Battery Chargers, Batteries and many more in Chennai. Our service and maintenance products offer complete after-sales service support which alongside standard warranties will ensure total protection for critical equipment.

We undertake replacement, repair & Maintenance services of:
  • Online UPS AMC Services

  • Offline UPS AMC Services

  • Home UPS & Inverters Periodical Maintenance

  • UPS Battery AMC Services

Technical Support:  Sim Power Controls goal is to provide the highest level of service and support to all our customers at all times.

Electrical Installations:  Sim Power Controls offer a complete installation service from the installation design through to sourcing and supply of specialist equipment and final commissioning.

Annual Maintenance Contract: We offer a wide range of Annual maintenance contract, service contract options to maintain your ups, inverters, Chargers and Batteries. Our support services range of an entry-level contract (routine visits only) to all-inclusive contract (guaranteed response times, parts, labor and out of hour’s works). The service visit incorporates environmental checks, visual inspection, electrical and mechanical testing of all the UPS and Batteries. Each of our contract includes battery maintenance which is essential in insuring your up time. Discounts are available based on the volume of units covered.

Equipment Relocation: Office relocation can be a major headache, particularly when planning the relocation of power protection systems. In particular the timing of this work and ensuring that this schedule is met can be a crucial part of the entire relocation project.

Battery Replacements: Sim Power Controls provide full battery replacement solutions for all UPS products regardless of manufacturer. The battery component is the lifeblood of your standby power system and the integrity of  your systems and the  integrity is maintained at all times.

System Health Checks: Sim Power Controls can provide a detailed Health Check of your UPS and Batteries. Following our inspection, a full quotation for any remedial work that may be required will be provided. For worst-case scenarios advise regard a suitable replacement system will be offered.

After Sales Service: Sim Power Controls is proud of the quality of our after-sales service. Our trained engineers and experienced staff offer a personal service and can talk you through any problems or concerns which may arise.

UPS Repair Services: Sim Power Controls is the recognized leader in the repair of single-phase and Three-phase UPS systems. We have been repairing UPS products for over 10 years. We provide service for all other brands in Chennai.


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Inverter, UPS, Stabilizer Service in Chennai


We take energy efficiency to a whole new level with UPS and inverter systems offering superior power management solutions suitable for electrical infrastructure and mission critical applications giving you freedom from downtime.

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